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Revitalize, Collaborate, Educate, Integrate

Thrive: The Integrative Conference for Women's Health is a unique conference delivering
evidence-based updates in women's health by engaging participants in didactic and experiential
learning.  Presented by The Medical College of Wisconsin, the conference assembles
internationally-recognized researchers, clinicians, and educators to discuss women's health from an
integrative medicine perspective.  

Attendees will leave better understanding the benefits of approaching women's health care and
self-care from an integrative perspective.  Among other topics we will explore the links of nutrition to
disease and health, the clinician effect on promoting patient wellness, strategies to obtain work-life
balance and the importance of improved research and collaboration in today's health care

Join us in beautiful Lake Geneva
October 24-26, 2012!!  This is the women's health conference you
have been waiting for.
Don't Miss
Our Special

Drum Circle &
Local Artisans
Friday, Oct. 26
5:30 - 9:00 pm
(Included in Registration Fee)
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Medical College of Wisconsin
Family & Community Medicine
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P.O. Box 26509
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