Nathan Ferda

Nathan Ferda, MD

Medical College of Wisconsin


What impresses me about Columbia St. Mary's:

“One of the reasons why I chose Family Medicine is that I enjoyed my Medicine, Pediatrics, Ob/Gyn, and Emergency Medicine rotations. One thing that all of these rotations had in common was the presence of a Family Medicine resident from CSM.   As a medical student, I was impressed by their confidence, broad knowledge base, genuine care for patients, camaraderie with one another, and a willingness to mentor students. Once I finally had the opportunity to rotate through their program, I quickly discovered why the resident learners were so happy and knowledgeable. There is a culture of mutual respect that nurtures effective teamwork and gets everyone involved and excited for learning and providing excellent patient care.  CSM immediately felt like home, and I am excited to be a part of the family!“



Third Year Residents

Michelle Arneson, DO

Nathan Ferda, MD

Jose Hernandez, MD

Lauren Hollandsworth, DO

Jordan Hughes, MD

Robert Kitsis, MD

Daniel Rogers, DO

Shannon Sullivan, MD

Second Year Residents

Ashraf Abbas, MD

Shane Breeze-Baldauf, DO

Elizabeth Dzwonczyk, MD

Philip Harris, DO

Bryan Johnston, MD

Ryan Jozwiak, MD

Gretchen Wagner, MD

Luna Younan, DO

First Year Residents

Logan Fox, DO

Kristi Gwidt, MD

Kathryn Kaminski, DO

Kristin Magliocco, MD

Bernard Nartey, MD

Edward Smith, DO

Lauren Weasler, MD

Erin Wos, DO

Brian Wright, MD