Osteopathic Training

Osteopathic Recognition

The Medical College of Wisconsin's Department of Family and Community Medicine is accredited through the ACGME and has obtained Osteopathic Recognition for our program. Our osteopathic partner is the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. This links two institutions with strong medical histories, creating an efficient path for postgraduate training of osteopathic students.

Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine is the founding college of Osteopathic Medicine, with more than 120 years of leading comprehensive healthcare, medical education, research and global service. Columbia St. Mary's was the first hospital in Wisconsin, with more than 165 years of making a difference in the health and lives of individuals, families and our community. We've always had special concern for those who are most vulnerable.

OPTIK & the Columbia St. Mary's Family Medicine Residency:

  • Capitalizes on long-standing traditions of service
  • Allows for continuous OMT training in one Residency
  • Provides flexibility for the osteopathic student to learn how to integrate OMT into practice
  • Provides ample opportunities to serve a diverse patient population and work with a variety of specialists within a large healthcare system

Your Clinical Setting, the Columbia St. Mary's Family Health Center:

  • Precepting by the Medical Director of Osteopathic Residency
  • OM tables in exam rooms plus a portable table available anytime
  • Opportunity to extend your ambulatory experience by working with a DO in their private practice

Your Education:

  • One-day workshops conducted three times a year (twice by Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine OMM Faculty and once by program faculty members, Sabrina Hofmeister and Michael Plotkin).
  • Annual lectures facilitated by the Medical Director of Osteopathic Residency
  • DO textbooks and subscriptions to DO and JAOA included in the Residency's library