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Columbia St. Mary's is a pioneer in track-based curriculum that further enriches your Residency training.

Maternity Care track participants can choose between the Standard or Advanced Maternity tracks. Advanced track participants can expect over 150 deliveries and additional hands-on training in low- and high-risk obstetric care. This track models the ideal working relationship between family physicians and obstetricians, and increases the number of well-trained doctors able to provide obstetric, newborn and postpartum care.

Global Health track offers powerful, intensive opportunities to develop competencies in cultural diversity and community medicine.  It is one of the only international health curricular tracks in the country that focuses on non – clinical experiences and is for the resident who wants to enrich their education by helping change the health of populations in developing countries. Your experience will be supported by a full two year curriculum that will augment the immersion field experience within an international setting.  You will learn, first-hand, how health can be affected by the lack of vital public health services and infrastructure in impoverished communities. Serving at the grassroots level, you will work to be a part of a community’s solutions.

Community Medicine track participants will gain exposure to health delivery and programs in a wide variety of settings.  Residents will begin collaborative planning of community-based project, either ongoing or of your own choosing, using COPC methodology and  participate  in a longitudinal community-based project with intensive focus on area of personal interest 

At Columbia St. Mary's, we help you pursue your passion.