Dennis J. Butler

Dennis J. Butler, PhD


Director of Behavioral Medicine

Joined CSM: 1980

Medical School: BA, Marquette University, MSW, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, PhD, Marquette University

Private Practice: 1975-1980

Special Interests: Personal and professional stressors of physicians, post-traumatic stress disorder and adult mental health. Nationally quoted expert in post-traumatic stress disorders. Full-time commitment to the program includes teaching, consultaion, co-counseling and patient mental health services.

Testament: I value being an applied behavioral scientist-one who can integrate behavioral science into the busy family medicine clinical setting. I believe in two guiding principles for my teaching. One is to encourage our residents to become reflective learners who pause to process what they experience; the second is to enable residents to achieve a "critical turn of mind," which is the ability to constructively challenge how we think about the practice of medicine, patients and ourselves.

Camille Garrison, MD  Assistant Professor,
Associate Director of Maternity Care,
Program Director

James Sanders, MD  Professor,
Medical Director
Director of Global Health Track

Rebecca Bernstein, MD  Part-Time Faculty,
Director of Community Medicine Track

Seth Bodden, MD  Assistant Professor

Dennis J. Butler, PhD  Professor,
Director of Behavioral Medicine

Larry Duenk, MD  Associate Clinical Professor
Part-Time Faculty
Director of Urgent Care Track

Seth Foldy, MD  Professor,Part-Time Faculty

Sabrina Hofmeister, DO  Assistant Professor
Associate Program Director

Dave Johnson, MD  Assistant Professor
Clinical Faculty

Karen Kersting, PhD  Assistant Professor
Intergrated Behavioral Health Specialist

Paul Koch, MD  Assistant Professor,
Director of Maternity Care

Rebecca Lundh, MD  Assistant Professor
Part-Time Faculty

Betsy Manor, MD  Assistant Professor,

Brooke Passolt, MD  Assistant Professor

Michael Plotkin, DO  Associate Professor,
Medical Director of Osteopathic Internship

John J. Seidl, MD  Assistant Professor
Clinical Faculty

Jeremy Waldhart, DO  Assistant Professor

Craig Young, MD  Professor
Orthopaedic Surgery and Community and Family Medicine