Curricular Tracks

Maternity Care Track

The inherent flexibility in this track allows you to advance your maternity care training to match the depth of desired learning. Our model has inspired many other programs to follow suit. Whether you choose our Standard Maternity Track or pursue the advanced option, you will experience:

  • Role Modeling - Eight faculty FPs actively practice obstetrics and will supervise prenatal care and deliveries
  • Numbers - Expect at least 100 to 150 deliveries over three years, with experience in vaginal repairs

About the Track Directors

Paul Koch, MD, MS brings over a decade of expertise and passion to maternity care. His enthusiasm for family-centered maternity care is an excellent example for all resident learners to role model. He also possesses cesarean privileges at Columbia St. Mary's.

Camille Garrison, MD, a graduate of Columbia St. Mary's Family Residency, joined our faculty in October, 2010. She is a Milwaukee native.   She possesses C-section privileges at Columbia St. Mary’s.   

  • Ultrasounds - Perform OB ultrasounds in the office and the L&D unit with the expectation to get credentialed upon graduation for limited OB ultrasounds: i.e. fetal presentation confirmation, fetal viability, amniotic fluid index, biophysical profile.
  • Collegial Approach - Well-established relationship between OB and FM residents at Columbia St. Mary's result in consistent, quality resident-to-resident teaching
  • Augmenting Experiences - Opportunity to work with maternal/fetal specialists and other OB specialists to further enhance your skills
  • Special Procedures - Opportunity to master specific OB-GYN procedures such as IUD insertion, endometrial biopsy and colposcopy; as well as exposure to the medical and surgical management of spontaneous miscarriages.
  • High-Risk Patients - Be the first to evaluate high-risk OB patients and actively co-manage them with your OB Perinatologist colleagues.  Participate in case review rounds with a Perinatologist as well as obstetrician colleagues
  • Cultural Competency - Comprehensive, culturally competent prenatal care is emphasized
Standard Option:

Participating in our Standard Maternity Track, you will be able to:

  • Develop in-depth skills and expertise in family- centered maternity care
  • Perform non-operative spontaneous vaginal deliveries
  • Apply internal-fetal monitor leads and interpret fetal monitor tracings
  • Repair of simple episiotomies and lacerations
  • Appreciate the psychosocial aspects of maternity care
  • Collaborate successfully with OB-GYN's and Nurse Midwives for the delivery of high-quality obstetrical care

Standard maternity requirements:

  • Two track months of OB at Columbia St. Mary's required, one in PGY-2 year and one in PGY-3 year.
  • Manage 15 total continuity OB patient during residency training
  • Perform a minimum of 100 OB deliveries
  • Advanced Life Support Obstetrics Course
  • Attend a maternity care CME meeting in either PGY-2 or PGY-3 year
Advanced Option:

Residents who choose this option will be able to acquire all of the skills in the standard option plus some of the following, as desired:

  • Perform an operative outlet delivery using vacuum
  • Perform basic L&D and office ultrasounds, as well as basic fetal assessments
  • Repair more complex episiotomies and lacerations
  • Develop advanced skills in management and co- management of complicated and High-risk maternity patients
  • Perform D&Cs
  • Assist at C-sections

Advanced option requirements:

  • Four track months at Columbia St. Mary's. Two in your PGY-2 and two in your PGY-3 year
  • Manage 20 total continuity patients during residency training
  • Perform a minimum of 150 OB deliveries
  • Advanced Life Support Obstetrics Course
  • Attend a maternity care CME meeting in either PGY-2 or PGY-3 year
  • Be fellowship ready
For more information contact:

Paul Koch, MD
Columbia St. Mary's Family Medicine Residency
1121 E. North Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53212

(414) 267-6502 (office)
(866) 540-4760 (toll free)